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    • Corsair MM800 Gaming Mouse Pad - excellent LED lighting. Top marks in this review.Corsair MM800 Gaming Mouse Pad
      Corsair MM800 Gaming Mouse Pad Review In the Box You will obviously need a mouse in order to use this item. However, you can use any mouse. But, if you are buying the Corsair MM800 Gaming Mouse Pad, […]
    • Sony PlayStation PS4 Pro ReviewSony PlayStation PS4 Pro Review
      Sony PlayStation PS4 Pro Review Release date: 10 November 2016. HDD size: 1TB Price: £349/$399 PS4 V PS4 Pro The WiFi chipset is slightly more powerful too and a third USB3 socket is included. Also, […]
    • N64 reviews - Mariokart charactersN64 Nintendo 64 Review
      N64 Nintendo 64 Review Nintendo 64 – released 1996 The N64 games console is a robust machine that uses innovative controllers too. Nintendo opted to use cartridges for this games console, just […]

Gaming Reviews

To begin with, we call anything new if it is still in production and still on sale. However, there are some great older gaming items available so we review the lot. For example, we review PC’s and consoles. Indeed, we even review games as well. In fact, we even review all accessories too. In effect, we cover the whole subject.

You can also review items in this gaming section. Indeed, just sign up and submit your posts. For example, you could write about new PC’s, consoles, games, controllers or accessories. In fact, you can submit an article on any aspect of gaming. Obviously, make the article factual. Of course, here at the Tech Branded Review Centre, we have made it easy for you to do this. So, join in today.

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Finally, even if you do not wish to post a full in-depth review, we have a solution. Join the Tech Branded Forum and make a smaller post of course. Obviously, in the Tech Forum, we cover all technology subjects. So, pop over and either give us a smaller review or make a passing comment. Indeed, you may have information which may help others too.

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