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Tech Branded Forum Rules

To begin with, as a general public forum for all, we need a few rules to help it tick over. Of course, we don't wish to spoil the members fun so we have kept them short and sweet. Of course, some rules are rigid. But some are guidelines so just use common sense. Obviously, we encourage people to post often and have a ranking system to do this. So, bookmark the Tech Branded Forum or Blog and call back often.

01) Obviously all your posts are your responsibility so be good.
02) Although we allow people to be creative and have freedom of speech, it would be wise stay legal!
03) Of course we do not allow filth or porn (including links to that) as we are a family website.
04) We also do not allow extreme images or links to them either.
05) You should avoid one word answers, although we will allow this if you can't expand your posts a little.
06) Obviously, keep your posts legible and best practice is to use a new line for each new sentence.
07) We also would like you to highlight the title of your post again in the thread.
08) Please use the correct forum for your posts, for example keep technology subjects in that forum. Likewise, keep the off-topic posts in that forum - simples.
09) By using the Tech Branded Forum, you obviously agree to stand by the rules. Of course, you should call back often for any changes to these rules.

Since we are a forum to accompany a technology blog, we hope you make many suitable posts. However, as we say, this forum is a public forum for all and anything goes.

Finally, enjoy your stay at the Tech Branded Forum.